Tani Greenspan Headshot by Paul Morse
Tani Greenspan
In August of 1994, Tani's parents made the long, hot trip over to China to adopt their 7 month old daughter. They brought her back to New York, where she grew up in a creative household with a graphic and fine artist for a mother and performer and photographer for a father.
As a child, Tani's weekends were often spent at museums, galleries, or historic sites for festivals–all of which opened her eyes to a world of color, creativity, and unique cultures. There was never a dull moment when there was always a new canvas on her mom's easel or new photos developing in the dark room.
Tani now looks to her childhood for endless inspiration in all of the seemingly ordinary objects she grew up surrounded by. After not living at home for 10 years, Tani now has a new perspective on all of the things that used to seem ordinary and normal, which she now knows are incredibly abnormal.
When she isn’t working with a paintbrush in hand, Tani is planning weddings and events, or working on The Poppy Society, a curated online art gallery that she co-founded in November 2020.